Pilates was developed by Jopeph Pilates in the early 1920s and is based on a concept called contrology. According to Pilates, Contrology is the conscious control of all muscular movements of the body.

It is the proper use and application of the most important principles of the forces acting on each of the bones of the skeleton, with the full knowledge of the functional mechanisms of the body, and the full understanding of the principles of equilibrium and gravity applied to every movement in the active state and at rest. The principles of the Pilates technique are based on controlling and fluidity of movement, power house and breathing.

The mixture of its elements is allowed, varying with the teacher or choreographer.

The mixture is allowed in its entirety, and will vary with the teacher or choreographer.


No matter what you do, but how you do it. (Joseph Pilates)


In 1923 Joseph Pilates moved to New York and opened his first Pilates studio. His work, however, only took effect from the ’40s, especially among dancers, such as Ruth St. Denis, Ted Shawn, Martha Graham, George Balanchine, Jerome Hobbins.

The Pilates method immediately attracted the world of American dance. The best dancers and dance companiesfound themselves benefit from contrology that became an essential part of training and rehab of many artists.

The benefits acquired from the practice of Pilates are:

  • muscle strength
  • flexibility
  • body awareness
  • postural organization

Few movements well made and performed in a correct and balanced way are worth for many hours of exercise. (Joseph Pilates)


After so many years of tradition in the art of dance, Petite Danse School of Dance begins a new stage in the search for a full body work. After a long period of study on the methodology of pilates, its equipment and its functionality for dancers, active people, sedentary elderly, Petite Danse School of Dance opened in October 2011 its complete and new Pilates studio.

Equipped with the best equipment available on the market, expert instructors and all the infrastructure already in school, Petite Danse aims to provide an integrated service, where dance and Pilates go together.

The pilates classes are held with four (4) students per class and are always followed by a specialist physiotherapist. The whole environment of the studio has been designed to ensure their well-being and achievement of your goals as healthy as possible.

Come see our new studio and our dance school. We are waiting for you! (Petite Danse)