Petite Danse’s Teaching Methods

Kids represent the future of the dance. They must be guided correctly at the right moment, so they can be stimulated to learn.

Petite Danse offers specific programs of continuous training practiced by a well-known team of teachers in order to get a full understanding of the learning process at every stage of their lives.

Children’s classes

For children’s classes We offer a playful and creative methodology, trying to keep kids’s motivation and interest for the dance practice. For basicmiddle and technical levels, it is used as reference the Vaganova Method (russian method), which is adapted by our pedagogic team.

During the year, there are several pedagogic meetings in order to update technical contents implemented in class. Our teacher’s team organizes presentations with open classes, inviting parents to keep up with their children’s development. We also promote Students Encounters and Performances Presentations in the middle and by the end of the year, helping technical and artistic development of our students.






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