On this page you will find many galleries of presentations, shows, backstage and everything that goes on in the world of dance:

The Petite in the Prix de Lausanne 2017

The Petite Danse School participated in the 2017 Prix de Lausanne with students Denilson Almeida and Jonatas Soares. The Prix de Lausanne is one of the largest and most respected dance festivals in the world. It is a unique learning experience for both students and companions.

Photo essay with Mayara Magri

A photo essay with Mayara Magri at the (beautiful) and old Bhering factory. The building, built in 1930, operated as a chocolate factory, but still maintains its original features, still preserving part of its machinery and the walls worn by years of neglect. And that was the scene chosen by the famous photographer Beto Roma. The result was incredible.

III Development meeting and choreographic study

The Petite Danse School promoted an event dedicated to the dance public, with lectures and free open classes, choreography presentations and solos with students and invited dancers.

Among the speakers were Sergio Lobato, former director of the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro and Renato Cruz, director of Cia Hybrida.

2016 Student Meeting

Throughout the year, the School promotes extra events to improve learning and stimulate the student.

The Student Meeting is a simple presentation, with no costumes and scenery, but extremely important for the students and those in charge. The show takes place in a theater with capacity for 800 people, where the student presents his evolution to his guests and experiences a real stage experience.

Arraiá da Petite Danse

The Petite Arraia was simply wonderful! Lots of delicious foods, jokes, traditional songs and of course, lots of dancing!!

Petite Danse Carnival in 2016

A mask dance with old songs, along with playful dynamics focused on the work of balance, perception, musicality and motor coordination! That was our carnival!

Petite Danse Co. open forum

The dance companies of the Petite Danse School held a large breakfast to present to parents and caregivers the work being done to perform at major dance festivals in Brazil and abroad in 2016.

Petite Danse at YAGP 2016

In April, the dancers Jonatas Soares and Denílson Almeida were able to realize the dream of participating in the Youth America International Grand Prix 2016 festival in NY. One of the biggest dance festivals in the world!

An opportunity to take classes with international professionals, to be observed by directors of great schools and companies of the world, to have contact with dancers and teachers of several countries and diverse cultures.

Dance at Nossa Senhora da Glória

On June 4th, students from the Dançar a Vida project, who participate in the Petite Danse Dance School, had a different and rewarding day.

The elderly living in Nossa Senhora da Glória Home had the opportunity to watch choreographies that the companies are presenting at festivals and dance shows in Brazil and abroad.

Donations of cans of powdered milk were collected before the big day to be donated to the home in an attempt to help those in need, as well as making their day a lot more fun.

The students felt a great joy at having the opportunity to repay the help they receive every month!

Children’s Day in the City of Arts

Look at the pictures of Petite Danse’s Children’s Day celebration in the City of Arts. It was a day for the whole family! Incredible and very lively with creative dance workshop, urban dances and hip hop and ballet performances for all ages.

Workshop with Mrs Carters Dancers (Beyoncé Dancers Group) (2013)

Some photos of the Workshop Brazil Group in partnership with the Petite Danse School held a sexy Street, Jazz and Hip Hop workshop with the group of dancers from singer Beyoncé in Petite da Barra. There were four hours of classes followed, intercalating the command of the dancers. Kimmie Gee, Ashley Everett, Anna Douglas, Dnay Bapstiste, Kim Gingras, Amandy Fernandez, Hajiba Fahmy, and the Les Twins brothers. The energy of the participants was contagious.

Student Meeting (2013)

Some photos from the Petite Danse students’ meeting. The event took place at the Odylo Costa Filho Theater, UERJ on August 24 and 25.

Arraiá da Petite Danse (2013)

Some photos from the June party of the Petite Danse Team.

Petite Danse Dance Company (2012)

Some photos of the Petite Danse Dance Company taken during the year 2012.

Festival Passo de Arte (2012)

Some photos of what went on the scene of the Petite Danse Team at the Passo de Arte Festival in 2012.

Festival of Dance of Joinville (2012)

Everything that went on stage and behind the scenes of the Petite Danse Team in 2012 at the biggest dance festival in the World.

Dance Festival of Joinville (2011)

Presentation of the companies of the school in the biggest Festival of the World, winning the prize of Best Group of 2011.

CBDD (2009)

Presentation of the School companies at the CBDD Festival in 2009.

Body Free (2009)

Presentation of the School companies at the Festival Corpo Livre in 2009.