Petite Danse School of Dance

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The School of Dance

Petite Danse is a tecnical-artistic-professional-educational center authorized by the State Board of Education in Rio de Janeiro, specialized in Arts with professional qualificational in techniques for ballet dancers

Since 1989 Petite Danse has been working in the training of dancers through a carefully planned educational proposal, seeking to develop the study of dance through proper training and conscious movement, encouraging their initiative and self-confidence, teamwork, cooperative spirit and social sensitivity.

The dance serves as a valuable universal language and we hope that this magic can continue delighting children, youth and adults, contributing to the overall and harmonious development of human being.

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The School of Dance Petite Danse was founded in 1988, at Tijuca’s heart, Rio de Janeiro. A school of dancers formation was just a dream that, in the course of time, became a delightful reality. Thanks to the dedication of all professionals who worked and some have worked really hard, providing experiences that are essential for the school’s success.

Nelma Darzi, founder and  artistic director, was the one that took the first steps for the realization of the project. With her parents’s help, who donated a house to her, she managed to form the first structure needed for a dance school: a class with appropriated floor, bars, mirrors and a small administration office. The following year, the school received an important aid through her sister’s administrations, Denise Darzi and from the medical support by Rosane Darzi. That was the begining of the  large family that is “Petite Danse”, generating a school with familiar environment.

At the third year, Petite Danse acquired  the autorization of State Board of Education of Rio de Janeiro  for the legalization of  the school for professional formation for dancers. That was the big step to get total recognition for the hard work of the employers and employees.
After ten years of experience, the unit in Barra da Tijucawas founded and the unit in Recreio came right after . The school started to brake boundaries, making important partnerships that contribute to the study of students from many areas at Rio de Janeiro.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]